Klondike Rush – A Video Board Game Review

Klondike Rush is a new game designed by Ryan Laukat. It is an economic game featuring an auction mechanic for 2-5 players. You’re playing an investor who is shaping the future of the various mining companies you invest in, building gold mines and collecting resources in order to fulfill orders. For each mine that is built, that mining company’s value increases, increasing the amount of money you will make for each investment you have in that company at game’s end.

It is on the lighter end of the spectrum as far as hobby games go. We played it with some non-gamers with no problems as the bidding mechanic and investments are themes that many people are already familiar with.

Overall I enjoyed the game. I felt the rules were printed before finalization of the game, which created some errors and a feel that it was put out in a rush. Despite this the game does play well, and there appears to be room for expansions which I am looking forward to seeing.

Check out the video for a view of the board and some other insights.

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