Kickstarter: Board Games Ending This Week 7/17/2017

I wanted to share a handful of Kickstarters that caught my interest that are ending this week. Take a look so you don’t miss out.

Coin and Crown

In Coin & Crown, you and up to three opponents (or play solo) compete to control an ancient civilization, vying for power as you build up your troops and resources to conquer and cultivate as many lands as possible.

Why I noticed it: Normally I would pass on over a game like this because of the <yawn> boring art. There is nothing visually interesting to me there at all. It was noted that the designer had won awards previously, however, so I took a closer look. The play actually looks interesting. Empire building with a Dominion-esque feel at only $24 sounds pretty good to me. If the play is fun and satisfying I will gladly overlook the boring graphics. Ends 7/18.

bite me cutie

“bite me cutie” is a brand and company which delivers a fun card game containing chibi and kawaii creature-infused food. This game was inspired by my love of animals and food. I created “bite me cutie” as a way to bring awareness to endangered animal species. Each character aka CUTIE has a story that comes from the heart… My heart.

bite me cutie

Collect cuties. Collect the most and win the game. And they’re cute. What’s not to love? I know some smaller humans in my home would adore this game, even if they never played. How many kids do we know that collect Pokemon simply to look at the cute creatures? There is a lack of reviews, so who knows if the game is good. I do know it’s cute, though. And their heart is in the right place. Ends 7/19.


Sit in front of your village’s tribal square and try to make the best use of the  opportunities show by Nature and the Spirits. As the leader of the Wyandot tribe, send your people out to gather resources from Agriculture and Great Lakes, hunt for skins and trade them to help  your tribe become stronger.

I have been wanting a game with a Native American theme for awhile now. I am mindful with how Native Americans are portrayed or how historical themes are handled, so I’m pretty picky, and this one seems to be done quite well. The add-on miniatures look fantastic and historically accurate, the grid action mechanic interests me, and the art style is enjoyable. I think it will make a great addition to our game collection. Ends 7/20.

The ‘Spirit of’ Dice Range by Critit

The dice is a set of 8 different themes each depicting an animal spirit trapped with in the dice, These magnificent animals are each represented with a logo and a swirling spirit within.

The way the dice are made means no two dice will ever be the same. Every dice in your collection has an animal image on it, and the D4’s have a co-ordinating symbol to represent the animal.Unicorn Spirit Dice

You can never have too many dice, and these dice are gorgeous. Although perhaps a bit dark, I love the story of an animal’s spirit trapped within to explain the magical swirls within the clear dice. I am definitely picking up a set or two. Or three. Maybe four. Ends 7/23.

That is it for this week. There are several amazing Kickstarters that just started that is making me have to make some tough decisions. Epoch, Star Realms, and Founders of Gloomhaven are all vying for my attention. The struggle is real.



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