Bunny Kingdom – A How-to-Play Video

Bunny Kingdom has been our most-played game in my home for the last couple weeks, so when I decided to make my first how-to-play video, it was a natural choice. Because I didn’t want an overly long video with more information than you can easily absorb, I kept to the basic rules. My hope is it will get you up and playing with rules-in-hand for clarification or deeper understanding.

A Clarification on Camps

Because this is a part that is often asked about when teaching someone this game, and I merely mentioned camps in the video, I wanted to explain them a little more. Simply put, camps allow you to squat in unclaimed territories. This allows you to take of its resources or combine separate areas you control, until it is claimed by its rightful owner. If someone gets the territory card that has the coordinate for the territory you’re camped in, you get booted. When choosing a camping spot, just keep in mind it will be temporary, unless you happen to get the territory card or that particular card never gets drawn.

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